Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Poems

Why not share a couple of poems...

Silence before dawn

I am standing alone
the wind beats
my face, my feelings
an icicle

Clean-shaven Evil
everywhere I look
Thoughts of suicide
but I am still standing
among hopes and among falls


Perhaps, after the darkness
when dawn washes the dirty street
in bright sunrays

When the madness retreats
Another night, another crime
forever remain


The noise after sunrise

Light beams enter the periphery vision
As I open my eyes
a new day, new beginning
What will it bring?

While I wandered the land of dreams
the world bathed in blood and pain
and I
remained indifferent

Each new day I question my purpose
each new day is a beginning
of the complete, unquestionable end

Something must be wrong
when the only cherubs coming to visit me
have little horns and evil smiles

Each time

I burst into tears
they laugh, louder and louder
only after I close my eyes
and return to the land of dreams

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