Thursday, October 3, 2013

Interview with Tricia Drammeh

Today's guest to Interviews with the Reviewers is Tricia from Authorstowatch.

In her own words:

I’m Tricia Drammeh, author, blogger, and book reviewer. I’m also a wife and a mom. I live in the St. Louis area with my family. You can find my books on I interview authors and post book reviews on

Do you have specific genres that you review, and what is your favorite one?

I enjoy romance, fantasy, paranormal, and literary fiction, though I will read other types of books if the blurb catches my attention. My favorite genre is young adult fantasy/paranormal.

On average, how many books do you review each month?

It varies. I usually schedule three or four reviews a month. Those books are forwarded to me from authors, publicists, or publishers as part of blog tours or new release events. I also read and review books that I purchase for pleasure.

Do you accept unsolicited review requests, or do you only review books you select yourself?

I do accept some unsolicited review requests, but not all. It’s impossible to accept all the requests that come my way and there are times I’ve had to put a halt on all requests because I’m busy with work, family, or with my own writing.

Considering the recent surge of self-published books on the market, what is your experience with self-published titles?

There’s a huge range in quality. I’ve found self-published books that are outstanding and far exceed many of the books released by major publishers. I’ve also found self-published books that need major editing. Some authors are too quick to publish and throw their first draft on Kindle, but for the most part, self-published authors are very conscientious.

As a reviewer, you have to state your honest opinions. Do you publish all reviews regardless of the rating?

As a reviewer who is also an author, I’m very reluctant to post negative reviews. I have a hard time publicly thrashing an author’s book because I know each author puts their heart and soul into every book they write. That being said, I won’t leave a dishonest review either. I prescreen books before I accept them for review. I read the sample on the Amazon “look inside” feature, the author’s blog, or any other example of the author’s writing I can get a hold of before I make a decision about whether or not to review a book. I’m sure some people will say I’m taking the easy way out, but with all the requests I receive, I don’t think it’s fair to use space on my blog on unedited, poorly written books when there are so many well-written books that need promotion. I also have a very short attention span, so if I book doesn’t catch my attention, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to finish it.

Is there any particular book or author that set the benchmark for you in a specific genre?

I try not to compare books and to judge each on its own merit.

What was the catalyst for you to become a reviewer, and what keeps you going?

I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child. I had a Goodreads profile long before I ever considered writing. I also belong to a local book club where we analyze and critique books of all genres. Reviewing on a blog is just an extension of what I’ve been doing for years. Honestly, there have been times I’ve considered stepping away from book reviews, but each time I decide to take a break, I end up reading something that’s so spectacular, I have to spread the word.

In your opinion, do you find the new titles original and creatively executed, or do you see more of a repeat of the same (think Hollywood's surge in remakes)?

There are some books out there that seem to be a tired repeat of the most popular trend. I think anytime an author tries to capitalize on a trend, the resulting book will feel stale. For example, young adult vampire books are a dime a dozen. Some have a new twist and feel fresh, while others are mind-numbingly boring. If the author has a genuine passion for the genre they choose to write, the book will reflect that and readers will connect with it. When an author forces him or herself to follow a trend, the book will be dull and the characters lifeless.

Out of all the books you've read, are there any particular books or characters that stayed on your mind?

I read J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy for book club. That was a book that definitely stayed with me for quite a while. I’m also completely obsessed with M.A. McRae’s Penwinnard series.

What is the one review you are the most proud of, and why?

I don’t think I could choose one review I’m most proud of. I put a great deal of thought into all my reviews and try to do each book justice.

I'd like to thank Tricia for playing along. Please visit either of her links and show your support for independent reviewers. 
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  1. Thanks for having me on your wonderful blog.

  2. It's been my pleasure. Reviewers like you make the difference.

  3. I think it's great that you interview reviewers. With the conflicts surrounding reviews as of late, this is a good way to show appreciation to those who take on the task of reviewing and do it so well. Great interview!