Tuesday, July 17, 2018

More Twitter Poetry

I have a few more Twitter poems to share.

Written live on 07/16/18, these are on the word prompt - Accolades:

We say farewell
small teardrops
molten silver notes
falling upon the piano

Black and white keys
like steps we took
steps we skipped
together yet far apart

In our hearts
silent accolades
for what we did not share
but had to follow

never flow easy
from lips
twisted in pain


On a beach at dusk
my insides twisted by hunger
watching seagulls soar freely
Envious of the scavengers
I replay the day I left
in my wake
burnt bridges and hearts that never heal
including yours
It's too late to sing accolades
to all that could have been
if only I . . .


Aroused by your scent
I lie awake disturbed
clutching the clothes you left behind
23 days, 2 hours, and 15 minutes ago
not that I obsess

There was a time
when my accolades made you smile
but my actions brought you pain
that no sonnets could take away
even if you were to hear them

Written live on 07/14/18, these two are on the Song Prompt - Wish I knew You by The Revitalists:

My unknown stranger
lost at the sea of memories
I had sailed far too long
while you shone like a lonely star
When all was dark
I needed you the most
to escape on wings of time
the scorching past
and soar higher than ever
Where were you
when I burned bright
when I still could fly


The brightest light amidst lights
a star burning up from within
I cannot discern the source of your fears
as you scorch what could have been
had we met when I was young
we could have merged
and like the sun burn all
until all stars lost and we remained one
alone and beautiful

All poems Copyright by Henry Martin

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