Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Image Prompt Poems June 2018

Here are a couple of recent poems written in response to image prompts put out by Realistic Poetry International on Twitter. Both were written live, on Twitter.

The artery of humanity 
branching in paths unknown 
thin veins traversing 
the fertile landscape of the world 

Through the capillaries 
though hardly perceptible 
runs a shared thread 
the collective subconscious 
which makes us whole 
despite our differences

Copyright Henry Martin July 06, 2018

Our pains and memories 
like tree branches 
spread from our cores 
through our existence 

Some see a tangled mess 
sore spots rubbed to inflammation 
where our experiences 
collide with a clash 

Yet I concentrate on our trunks 
deeply rooted in our past 
able to withstand 
any storm

Copyright Henry Martin June 26, 2018

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