Friday, August 3, 2018


Here are a few new poems from recent days.


When the darkness seemed impenetrable
a drink from Lethe
was all I desired
hoping to start again

A tabula rasa
not yet stained
by horrid memories

I'm glad I procrastinated
for had I found it
I would have lost the moments with you
that made me who I am today



Cracked lips gasping for air
as I curl up in pain
shaking with silent sobs
no one will ever hear

The wet pavement
soothes my agony
as tears mixed with blood
seep in between the stones

You have used my body
and threw it away
but my dignity
will never shatter
and I will live on.



Who knew
an act of kindness
could set our worlds ablaze

 Two hurt souls
finding in each other
what we needed most

Our unholy union
the thorn
in their side

In mad passion
we clashed
against tides of hatred

But when you sought their approval
we became lost again
to wander alone

All text Copyright 2018 by Henry Martin.

Poetry written live on Twitter via prompts from #dailywisdomwords

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