Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Literary Site

For those of you who enjoy quality literature, but struggle finding the time to curl up with a good book, here is a new and upcoming gem: Apocrypha and Abstractions.

From the website:

Who We Are, or rather, Who We Would Like to Be…

Apocrypha and Abstractions is an online only Literary Journal specializing in very short (flash) fiction, of 500 words or fewer. The stories represented here strive to say something without actually saying it. We leave the interpretation entirely up to the reader.

All fiction genres are acceptable to us, but we prefer literary minded stories that make a statement in the abstract. We enjoy literary erotica, but prefer to refrain from gratuitous explicit sexual language and or content. Our aim is for thoughtful contemplative writing, not titillation. Stories meant to arouse the body not the mind are not to our taste. Our readership is adult, and while edgy content is much appreciated, we feel it should be necessary and appropriate to the thesis being argued in the story. The publication of a story on our site is entirely based upon our definition of literary merit, which is also entirely subjective. Torture porn, underage sex, incest, bestiality, gore for the sake of shock value, and anything we consider too crude for the workplace is, again, not to our particular tastes.

If you write flash fiction of 500 words or fewer and would like to join the site as a contributor, please refer to the submissions page for our terms and instructions. ..."

As stated, this online Literary Journal specializes in Flash Fiction. I believe the author of the above text did an excellent job at explaining what you will find on the site, so, rather then repeating the obvious, I'll just mention that the works (by various authors) featured there are of high quality, and well worth reading.

And while this is somewhat of a shameless self-promotion (one of my stories is scheduled to appear on the site in the near future), I'd like to encourage you to visit the site. What better way to enjoy a break than to entertain the mind along with some java.