Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Successful Free Kindle Days

Today marks the end of my most recent Free Kindle Days during which readers had the chance to download three of my books for free. I'm happy to see that there were a few hundred downloads for two of the Mad Days of Me books: Finding Eivissa, and Eluding reality. There were also quite a few downloads for my short story collection, Coffee, Cigarettes, and Murderous Thoughts. As an author, nothing makes me happier than seeing readers reading my work.

I'd like to thank all of you who gave me a chance, and I would like to encourage you to share your thoughts about my work either by posting an honest review or by sharing your thoughts with your friends.

Just a little note to those who downloaded Finding Eivissa, and Eluding Reality. These two books are books two and three in the Mad Days of Me trilogy. If you would like to read the story from its beginning, please consider purchasing Mad Days of Me: Escaping Barcelona, the first book in the trilogy.

Thank you for your continuous support of independent authors.   

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A short passage from Finding Eivissa, the scene inspired by the image below.

"An unexpected sight opens in front of my eyes, a sight I cannot ignore. Instead of the calm waters in front of the fortress, the rear side offers a view of a different sea—the sea of small, dark streets and alleys—like an intricate puzzle. The breathtaking scenery visible from the other side had been replaced by the panorama of poverty–stricken streets, crumbling house walls, and dilapidated facades that struggle to hide the building materials beneath them. It reminds me of the ghettos in Barcelona, the ghettos I came to know far too well. I take a deep breath and look for a sign of life—a life not affected by its surroundings. Nothing. 
Down, between the rows of dirty dwellings stretches a clothesline. Heavy with the freshly washed laundry it droops down, droplets of water trickling onto the soiled pavement from its burden. Around the corner, a group of filthy children plays with a semi–deflated soccer ball—it makes a funny sound as it bounces off the wall—plunk, plunk. A man sitting on a staircase puts out a cigarette; he coughs, spits phlegm on the sidewalk, and lights a new one. A mucky dog wanders to a house, lifts his leg, and pisses on it. His urine flows down the wall and onto the street, forming a puddle on the pavement. The children run about, stepping in the piss, unconcerned. An old woman watches from the window, her large breasts hanging over the windowsill for the world to see. Une vie ordinaire, a mundane in its purest. 
These streets bring me back to all the places I had escaped when I sneaked onto the ferry. The same feeling of conformity within despair, conformity with their destiny, prearranged long before these people were born. Nothing ever changes, nothing ever disturbs the gloomy corners of the underworld. Tucked away from the bright lights, tucked away from the shiny pavers on the promenade, hidden from the eyes of the tourists, the misery thrives. I cannot help but think of myself—only a few weeks ago my life was not much different from the view in front of my eyes. Yet, there is a certain peace soaring from these streets, a peace embedded in each cobblestone, in each rotten wall. The peace of men, unconcerned with the rest of the world, disturbed neither by global issues, nor by the stock market prices. A peace so ancient that it can only be found in the few corners of the world that remain unchanged for centuries. This is one of the places. 
I miss the intricacy of the street, I miss the feeling of excitement and danger melted together into one exceptional, nonconforming emotion. There is the real—the street; and then there is all the other—the removed. I am now on the other side of reality, unable to reach out with my hand and touch the pure life. I miss the street."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mad Days of Me: Eluding Reality released

It's official, I pulled the trigger on book three in the Mad Days of Me, trilogy. Kindle edition is available now and paperback should appear on Amazon within the next few days.

Originally, I wanted to release the third book later this year, but things happened and it is out now. After all, I've been sitting on the trilogy for quite a while, so I'm happy to set it free.

This project started as a short story back in 2005. Who would have thought that over the next six years the short story would have morphed into a 300k words trilogy. Well, it's done, and what is done cannot be undone.

Now I can move on onto the next project that's been brewing in my head for quite some time.

A big thank you to all you readers out there who gave me a chance, who continue to read my work, and those who may read me in the future.  Your support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The escape

With a mind clouded by countless thoughts (and the everyday gibberish that seems to surround us at every step), I thought a little fresh air would do me good. A weekend away from gadgets, computers, radios...two nights filled with only the crackling of the fire and the
sounds of nature.

Armed with some basic necessities, I spent two nights in a tent away from it all. It was wonderful.
Transcending time back to much simpler days, I read by the light of a paraffin lamp while seated on a log.

Everything worked out as it should have, except for the choice of book - I took with me a copy of The Myth of Sisyphus. This amazing work did nothing to clear my mind; quite to the contrary - I'm now left with many more thoughts.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A new giveaway

The Lazy Book Reviewer, who reviewed Escaping Barcelona, and Finding Eivissa, is currently hosting a special giveaway of my trilogy on his blog.

Check out the giveaway here: Lazy Book Reviewer Giveaway and make sure to throw your name in the hat for this one. 

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Fighting to bring Multiculturalism to YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction novels: Guest Post- Multicultural Fiction by Henry Martin ...: Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog with this headline: Fighting to bring Multiculturalism to YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. ...

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Guest post and a giveaway

The nice ladies who run Twinja Book Reviews allowed me to share some of my thoughts regarding multicultural settings in fiction. You can read my guest post here: Twinja Book Reviews
and while you are there, make sure to check out their other posts, reviews, and some cool books.

Their entire blog is dedicated to promoting multiculturalism, which is a worthy cause. While my own writing does not exactly fit in with the "YA, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Novels", multicultural settings play a prominent role in my work, and I really appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts.     

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finding Eivissa now available

The second book in the Mad Days of Me, trilogy, Finding Eivissa is now available both as a Kindle ebook and a paperback via Amazon.

The story picks up right where Escaping Barcelona ended, and your favorite character, Rudy, continues to relate his saga in first-person, stream of consciousness narrative. This book, however, is quite different from the first one, as there is an element of romance and hope not seen in Escaping Barcelona.

You can read the first review here: Lazy book reviewer

Amazon Prime members can now borrow this book for free from the Lending Library.