Monday, January 3, 2011

Ibiza and Farewell Archipelago

Today's two poems continue the unofficial series of poetry dealing with special places. The first one, Ibiza, was written about the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. The island itself is a striking battleground of ancient culture dealing with the influx of modern-day entertainment, with its secluded coves and fields where advancement seems to have stopped a few centuries ago, and its bustling tourist centers to which nightclubs lure thousands of partygoers each day.

The second poem, Farewell Archipelago, was written about the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands Archipelago. The island of eternal spring, as it is sometimes called, has a very unique atmosphere and the local attitude is one of no-rush, there is always tomorrow to get done whatever needs to be done today. Shops and restaurants still close for 'siesta" in the afternoons, and the locals always seem to have time for a glass of brandy or wine, a friendly chat, and something tasty to munch on. Yet, if one stays long enough, this easy-going atmosphere can take its toll on one's mind. 


Wandering and lost
in the labyrinth of life
I arrived at your shores.

Your hard shell
the caves and rocky beaches
became my comfort zone -
though -
even the plants that grow out of your soil
have thorns.

Yet, they were my soft sheets
as I laid under your starry skies
each night refreshed by your scent
like opium enchants my soul.

Your windy roads, your rolling hills
the Carob trees and almond fields
your native people.
All that reminded me
that life is not lost - not yet
at least in this remote part of the world
where the madness ceased
for a fraction of the time.

I admire your resistance
your culture, your rhythm
your rocky land and your harsh people
but most of all
the way you stand up,
against the waves of change
amidst the madness of advancement.

Farewell Archipelago

As I stroll on the shores
black sand seeps between my toes.
The fig trees whisper in a gentle breeze
and down bellow the surface waters
only the octopus hears my secret thoughts.

Encased in my solitude
still, it feels like a thousand years
passes above my head with each dusk
with each dawn
I welcome in this rocky land.

The island of eternal spring
where time had died
only to return in small fractions
unable to alter
the tranquil flow amidst the hibiscus leaves.

I didn’t age a single day after so many years
the vacuum carefully crafted by your spirit
stole my anxieties, my inner battles.
Only now I come to realize...

Your mysteries, your dark spells
the power you hold over me -
- sheltering me, killing me inside!
 I have to leave, never to look back
never to return.

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