Sunday, July 12, 2015

A couple of special deals

This past weekend, Amazon US ran a discounted promo on Mad Days of Me trilogy. In my opinion, the event was a success, so I decided to extend the offer to our fellow readers across the pond in the UK (Amazon currently does not support countdown deals in other markets).

Mad Days of Me, the complete trilogy is currently available on Amazon UK for 0.99 (less than a pound) through July 18, 2015. If you enjoy an original storyline, multifaceted characters, and some spectacular background (Barcelona, Ibiza, Southern France, Italy, Austria), than this might be a story for you. Don;t let the low price deceive you - there are 800+ pages of unconditional realism between the (digital) covers.

You can check out Mad Days of Me here:

Also, I'm currently running a Kindle Countdown deal on my poetry collection, The Silence Before Dawn. This is taking place in both US and UK. Same deal, 0.99 in your local currency, and it is good through July 19 in the US, and July 20 in the UK.

The Silence Before Dawn is an avant-garde collection of 73 poems compiled within five categories:

Relationships: Reflections upon love, fragile feelings, and the pain that comes with loving.

Thoughts: A look into the poet’s soul, where anything goes.

Confessions of a Troubled Soul: Deepest desires and simple reflections, mainly the product of the poet’s twisted mind.

Tickling the Surreal: Welcome to the border of reality . . .
a personal outlook at our surroundings.

The Noise After Sunrise: Revisiting places that touched the poet’s soul, and a look at the brighter side the rising sun reveals.

Amazon UK deal:

Amazon US deal:

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